The Customized Turf Standard Program consists of 6 annually planned, regularly scheduled visit per season; Spring to Fall. Your lawn will be carefully inspected and serviced. Your lawn will be treated at regular intervals (weather permitting) between the months of April and November each year.

Other program options are available.

The property owner or owners’ agent may request the specific date or dates of the application(s) to be provided and, if so requested, the pesticide applicator or business must inform of the specific dates and include that date or dates in the contract. Inform us in writing if you’d like the specific dates of application.

Service Calls
Inorder to provide you with the lawn we both desire, we must work together in partnership. If, between our regularly scheduled visits, you have any questions or notice a possible problem developing in your lawn, please give us a call at 518-280-7075.

It is important to remember that, whereas proper treatments will help improve the health and vigor of your grass, it takes time and continuous effort on everyone’s part to develop a lown into a truly healthy landscape. It is critical that you follow the watering, mowing and other in structions to you on each invoice.

Fungus / Disease Control
Disease control is not part of our normal treatment plan. Applications are available at an additional cost if conditions warrant.

Disclaimer: Please be aware this program is designed to enhance your lawn to look the best it can. However, grass type, soil pH level, maintenance practices and proper watering all play a major role in the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Some, if not all of these thigns may be out of our control.

Satisfaction Policy
If at any time you feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your lawn, contact us immediately so we can evaluate the situation and find out what steps are necessary to achieve the desired results.

“Our goal is to have happy long term customers that enjoy a healthy lawn and are willing to refer our services to other potential customers.”

Thank you,
Richard VanderVeen