At Customized Turf Services, we take a year-round approach to maintain exceptional results. Our full program features seasonal work on the following schedule:

  • Early Spring
    Fertilizer to promote green up and help turf recover from winter. Pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control.
  • Late Spring
    Slow release fertilizer to help improve color. Treat for emerging weeds and apply crabgrass control to add a second barrier of protection.
  • Early Summer
    Our specialist will scout for warm season weeds and treat as necessary. Preventative grub control and fertilizer are applied.
  • Late Summer
    A nutrient restoring fertilizer is applied. We also inspect for turf damaging insects and treat for nutsedge, spurge and any crabgrass that emerged.
  • Early Fall
    Fertilizer to maintain growth and color is applied. Treat for broadleaf weeds as necessary.
  • Late Fall
    A slow release fertilizer is applied to aid green up in following spring.


Our Standard Fertilization Program Features:
  • Notification before visits
  • Clean pellets off driveway
  • Leave you instructions after each treatment
  • Flag property to notify a treatment was performed.
Extra Services Available
  • Flea and tick control
    Keep your yard safe for children & pets.
  • Mulch Bed Weed Control
    Tired of pulling weeds by hand?
  • Aeration / Overseeding
    Expand root zones & add turf density.
  • Limestone
    Adjust soil pH level to improve overall lawn health.


Our services ALWAYS include:

  • Contacting you before we arrive to work on your lawn.
  • Cleaning your driveway so no products are left behind.
  • Clear instructions for you after treatments.
  • Flags around perimeter of the yard to indicate treatments were done.


Hate to pull weeds? Looking for a thicker lawn?

Along with premium lawn care at an affordable price, we also offer:

  • Weed control for your mulch beds.
  • Aeration and Overseeding to expand healthy roots and make your lawn thick and dense.
  • Limestone to adjust soil pH levels to boost overall lawn health.